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All seasons cross-cut sled

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  • All seasons cross-cut sled

    Good day

    I needed a sled to cut small (and not so small) pieces so I made one from the "Floor Panels" left-over from the router table.

    I called it "All seasons sled" because temp and humidity changes are not effecting the sled runners that usually are expanding and contracting with humidity changes.

    The sled is always tight, without any "Side play" and can be "re-adjusted" in seconds.

    Because of the construction method, everything is very square to the blade and no need of "Two cut test" or "Five cut test"'s dead 90° long as the blade is parallel to the miter slot and your triangle is accurate...

    You will not see any screws holding the fence or the runner because...there are no screws...I'm so confident with my method that I just glue them with CA (super glue).

    And last but not least, it's sliding, actually half rolling, and it's very, very easy to push-pull.

    Many variations can be done on this sled and I leave it to your imagination.

    The meaning of the 38~40 cm (the last 3 pics) is that I can cut boards that are up to 16" wide.


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