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  • jointer purchase?

    Thinking of getting a jointer, and was wondering if it would be a good purchase? I just bought the 2424ts and am very pleased with it. I have a decent sized shop (20x20) that is just a workshop. My tools consist of: Ridgid 2424 ts, craftsman 12" bandsaw, delta 10" mitre saw, various drills, biscuit cutter, 10" disc sander, delta dust collection & air cleaner, router table and extra router and misc. tools. I was looking at the ridgid joiner. Also would a jointer or a planer be a better purchase?

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Also would a jointer or a planer be a better purchase? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


    That is a tough one, I can't remember which one I got first, I purchased both a Delta 12 1/2" planer and the Ridgid jp 610 within a week of each other. If you are going to used rough lumber you really need both, by the way the cost saving will pay for both pieces of equipment pretty quickly. If you are going to work with S4S (pre milled) than you would probably get more use from the jointer to prep edges for glue up. YMMV. As far as the Ridgid Jointer, I would recommend it very highly. You could spend more for a Jet or Delta, but my response to that is Why? The 610 is every bit as accurate and powerful as either one. A good jointer needs flat tables that are parallel to each other, and a flat square fence. The Ridgid has that. Mine was perfect right out of the box. I have not had to change the blades on mine yet, but when I do the jack screws will be a big help with that. I hope that this helps at least a little.
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      The answer depends on what you make in your shop and what kind of wood you buy.

      The jointer and planer work hand in hand.

      If you can only buy one, I'd get the planer first (I have the Ridgid TP1300). I also have the JP0610 and use them both.

      You can make a sled for the jointer that will let you flatten one side of a board (what the jointer does), then flip it over to plane the opposite side parallel to the flat side. This isn't quite as fast and accurate as using a jointer, but it can work.