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island style work bench.

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  • island style work bench.

    First off, I'd like to say the info gathered at this site and some of the out of the box thinking ( Thanks Niki ) I've encountered on this site have made it a daily must see, thanks for the knowledge gained and the good humor.
    That said, I'm looking to build an island style work bench which will be used for assembly, glue ups and various other tasks. My challenge to the good folks on this forum is simply, show me yours, I'm sure the ideas gained will be invaluable and who can resist an opportunity to show off their kit? Let the games begin! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: island style work bench.

    Hi Jer760

    It looks like there are no "Gladiator" to "begin the games"....

    So let me be the first...till the guys will find the cameras...

    I don't have space for a "real" workbench so, I'm using workmates.
    Two of them, are modified to have longer span (36") and another two, I removed the vises and screw a board so they serve as foldable tables.
    Each pair is at the same height so I can just put a big board and get bigger workbench for assembly, glue-ups etc.

    I have another one, that was sold as "Van washing stand" but I converted it to workbench (also foldable).

    Here are a few pics


    Click image for larger version

Name:	8f2d0cb80e2ccda422e009210d32bbaa.jpg
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Name:	eec1c95226f998888b82869f8692ee4e.jpg
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Name:	f55e0732b8aba612c31566b928e0514c.jpg
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Name:	a9f453706e890a786685a525b92f1462.jpg
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Name:	d51e4e96695e5fc2180c8a2fa127c0e2.jpg
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      Re: island style work bench.

      And here is the "Van washing stand"

      Click image for larger version

Name:	c521b92b0d31631015e7792a8fd01874.jpg
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        Re: island style work bench.

        You might also try


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          Re: island style work bench.

          OK Well not technically mine, or my shop, but I couldnt resist. Its rated for 500 lbs (was being pushed to its limits with that cabinet on there) and raises for 45 inches, drops down to about 6 .

          An island is the way to go for me. I like being able to get too all sides of it


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            Re: island style work bench.

            Wow! now that is slick! The ability to raise and lower for large assemblies, sanding and finishing would be invaluable.