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  • Delta router/shaper

    I do a limited amount of router work which requires a table mounted router. Workshop space and budget don't afford me the luxury of a full fledged shaper. I have looked at the Delta Router/Shaper (SH100) and it seems like a fantastic option and particularly well suited for my limited needs. Anyone out there have one or have any experience with one? I am interested in product quality, durability, ease of use, etc.

    I have a porter cable plunge router which I have table mounted, but I am not crazy about the table and the bit height adjustment is a hassle. It is also inconvenient when I want to freehand route because I have to remove the router from under the table and dismount it from the router plate.

    Any thoughts?!?

    Thanks in advance.
    Brad Hatchett<br />

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    For what it is worth, this was very briefly addressed in another post. You may have already seen it but I thought I would mention it anyway.;f=5;t=001344

    What was said made some sense to me. The delta is 9 amps, having less horsepower than than most routers. Personally, I have probably ruled it out for my next purchase because of this and other reasons. The height adjustment mechanism, while easy and allowing for above-table bit changing, looks extremely difficult to really fine-tune. It has play and there is no microadjust. I wouldn't want to use a tongue-and-groove cutter on it. Secondly, I would really like an incra fence but this would not be an option with the delta (or craftsman) benchtop router/shaper. I am also concerned about the 2-speed vs multispeed for larger bits. The horsepower issue is a killer though. So I have no real-world experience but as I said, for what it is worth... I hope that you are able to get a response from someone who has tried the delta (or craftsman). Good luck!


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      It should work fine for a router table. I'm not sure at a shaper.
      Andy B.


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        Okay...Delta model is out.

        What about Grizzly? They have an afordable 1 1/2 horsepower shaper. It is just like a full shaper (cast iron table, magnetic switch, etc.) but only $400. They also have a 3HP for $850 or so. Both prices seem attractive, depending on your planned use. What is everyone's thought on Grizzly....on tools that RIDGID does not make, of course!
        Brad Hatchett<br />


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          I hope you get some replies on this. One thing I noticed when looking at the Grizzlys (and other models) is that they spin at ~10,000 rpm. This is great for shaper cutters but if you are planning to use it as a router table? Routers spin at 24,000 rpm (unless you are using big bits with a variable speed router). I'm not an expert so I don't know what this means as far as woodworking. I'm hoping that you get some replies from people who do know. Another thing to consider is the circuit that you will be running the machine (any machine) on.

          A website I use to determine what products are available is On the left-hand side you can select links for various types of products.

          I am looking into a similar purchase. I have a low-end plunge router and hate it for the table. I did some research and noticed that one could easily spend enough on a dedicated router table setup to buy a low-end shaper. I have noticed some negative comments on low-end shapers in other posts though. Right now, I have narrowed it to either the Bosch 2.25 Hp variable speed combo (gets rid of my crappy plunge as well since it is easy to remove the motor from a permenant table setup) or the Hitachi 3.25 Hp. Even if I had the money, I don't think I could justify a lift. For the table, I will either buy a stock table saw extension wing like the mulecab (GREAT POST BIG J.!!!) or build my own table if I don't go for the TS option. I probably will want the Incra Ultra Lite Router fence either way. Of course this could all change if you get good responses on your post [img]smile.gif[/img] I will probably make a post for my specific needs soon.

          I hope that you get some good feedback on this because it could change my perspective as well.


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            I have the BIG Hitachi M12V, and it is BIG. When I use it on my dovetail jig, I get sore shoulders. But when I use it mounted on a homemade router table (with a Mule insert) on my TS3612, it does a great job, even cutting raised panels (considered the ultimate test). Are there others that do as good a job in the table - probably, but the price was right and it was available when I needed it.

            Because it is so big (and only ok on the fine depth adjustment) I am thinking about another unit, but haven't decided yet. Some of the newer plunge routers seem to have most of the features of fixed base routers, so I have been looking at mid-line plunge routers rather than kits. (My old Sears fixed base router is worn out so it doesn't count)

            I haven't heard any good words on the Delta Router Shaper, and have heard a lot of bad, so it is on my blacklist.


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              Hello All,
              I have owned the delta router/shaper table for several years now and find it for the money to be a very good router table, but like anything there are advantages and disadvantages some of them are:

              easier to adjust than a router below the table
              not nearly as noisey as a router (induction motor)
              spins at 12,000 rpm so it's ok for big bits
              fairly light to move around
              the whole unit can be "built into" to a larger cabinet

              small table and
              ribbed table (not my favourite)
              poor throat plate that does not come in a variety of sizes
              stock fence is crap IMHO

              would I buy it again Honestly I would have to say a firm I don't know.

              Hope this helps