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  • Defects with R2720 sanders?

    I purchased an R270 belt sander about 2 months ago. Within 48 hours it had stopped working. No response at all when teh trigger was depressed. I had used about 6 belts sanding some random width pine floors. I took it back to home Depot and had it replaced. Now my second sander has done the same thing. Has anyone else had similar problems with this model of sander? I like teh toll but if it isn't relaible what good is it?

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    Re: Defects with R2720 sanders?

    You're not pressing on the belt sander when you use ut are you?

    If you're not letting the weight of the tool do the work then it will quickly over heat and either burn out the brushes or the switch... just a thought
    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: Defects with R2720 sanders?

      I've used & abused the snot out of mine with nary a problem.

      Check my write up on it in this thread last post.


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        Re: Defects with R2720 sanders?

        I have not abused this unit in any way. I had a Ryobi sander prior to this one that I used for several years and worked into the ground. To have two of these untis fail with the exact symptoms is distressing. It smacks of a quality problem either with the model or a specific production lot. I seemt o have lsot track of the receipt so having it reapired seems to be my only option. Glad to kear that othere has used these without similar failures.