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TS3650 Arbor Gear Issue

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  • TS3650 Arbor Gear Issue

    I've been loving my 3650 for about a year now and every part of it works just as I hoped, that is, until last week.

    The worm gear that contacts the arbor housing to raise and lower the housing and blade has lost its will to work. The blade is stuck in the full 'up' position and the wheel won't crank in either direction.

    I thought it may have been a grease issue, but neither cleaning out nor re-greasing the gears has made a lick of difference.

    Has anyone else had or seen this problem before? I was considering removing and re-seating the arbor housing in hopes that the gears have just been knocked out of alignment.

    Any other ideas from the great minds out there?

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    Re: TS3650 Arbor Gear Issue

    Haven't had that problem. You may want to remove the handle and slide off the locking sleeve. Then tap it lightly with a soft mallet to see if you can move it back or forth to get it unbound. Could be something has bound up the locking sleeve.

    Good luck

    Practicing at practical wood working


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      Re: TS3650 Arbor Gear Issue

      Rather than make an assumption, I'll ask a potentially insulting question...did you release the trunnion lock lever?


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        Re: TS3650 Arbor Gear Issue

        I'm not insulted, I tend to forget the lever's even there from time to time.

        I did, however check it this time, so I'm afraid it's not that simple.