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ZCI? beginner question

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  • ZCI? beginner question

    First off let me begin by saying that this forum holds a wealth of knowledge, which myself and tons of other newbies greatly appreciate. So... A great big thanks to ridgid for hosting and an even bigger thanks to everyone that gives ridgid a steady stream of info to host.

    That said;
    I'm currently making a zero clearance insert on my ts3650, i've got it cut, shaped and the blade hole cut (thanks to whoever posted that about using a smaller blade and raising it) so i've got my fullsize blade on, zci in but the squealing noise is killing me so pardon the obvious ques, but do i just sand off enough to give the blade total clearance?

    thanx in a advance

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    Re: ZCI? beginner question

    What is squealing? The carbide teeth should be slightly wider than the steel part of the blade. Is the blade tilted now?


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      Re: ZCI? beginner question

      The one I made for my full tooth Freud blade squealed when I first made it, but only when the blade was in the full up position. I opened up the end with a little sandpaper on a putty knife blade. Try dropping the blade down some, or run it up and down a few times. The squealing on mine was because the blade was running very true, and so had no wobble to open it up that little bit needed to stop the friction.
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