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Footlocker plans, any ideas.

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  • Footlocker plans, any ideas.

    My son has started going on scouting camp outs once a month, since I recieved a great Ridgid 3Pc combo kit and purchased a workmate the Boy feels we could make a Footlocker style chest to put all his gear,food, etc in for the outings. I have searched the net for some plans to make something like this but have had no luck. Is their a book or site that might let me access some plans to make a chest style footlocker. Any suggestions welcome.

    (as you can see from my tooling availabilty nothing fancy)

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    I would make a box ( you know.... the size of foot locker) then cut off the top at approx 3"....4"
    add hinges and your good to go
    a tray inside could be added by putting a cleat around the inside approx 4" down....then build a tray to fit inside to rest on cleats..

    kinda hard to describe.....hope that helps

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      Can't quite picture your footlocker. Cuz I don't think I've ever seen a piece of equiptment with that name attached to it.

      This is an online plan that has searchable database of 10,000 online plans. I am building a chest for end of bed that looks pretty nice from the book the NEW YANKEE WORKSHOP. They refer to it as a blanket chest though.

      Hope this is helpful


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        I don't think I've ever seen a plan for a foot locker. But, when I personally have an idea, and don't want to dig in from the ground up with a planning it, I go here and start looking around. It usually takes me to several areas, and if you look hard enough, you'll find individual's who have publicized their own plans.

        You might have to take a plan, and alter it some to fit your perticular needs. I do this often. Not totally origanal, but will give you some ideas to set you in the right direction.
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          Thanks for all the good replies. your info sparked me to search a little harder. I found what I believe is a usable plan. Seems simple, all dimensions for for the parts are their, which allows me to figure out how much I'll need etc.

          One question though, most of the wood I find at HD or Lowes is 3/4" this plan calls out 5/8th inch thick



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            Footlocker....... anyone who has spent time in the military knows what a foot locker is
            no reflection meant for those who have not

            HD stock all 3/ need 5/8
            hmmmmm......... time for a new toy, errr tool???? [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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              yup, agreed. Time for to invest in the TP1300 with the 20% off, and go for the HD credit for an additional 10% off. Can't loose doing that!

              I have the grey model planer, and it kicks A$$!
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