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  • It's the Little Things

    I think Ridgid should get some recognition for some of the little, added pluses they have in their tools.

    I bought one of the Flip-Top stands which now gets used all the time----great tool---wish HD would keep them in stock.

    Anyway, I was moving the stand and one of the rubber feet came off, as I dragged the stand out of a pile of cut-offs. The rubber feet are the typical slide-on type for tublar steel, we've all seen in step stools, etc.

    As I picked the foot up---I noticed there was a flat washer inside it and immediately recognized an inovation, I thought I had invented---you see, the washer prevents the end of the tubular steel leg from poking through the rubber.

    Great idea----gad, the washer was even black to match the rubber.

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    I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one to appreciate these little quality touches! It's difficult to communicate these small things, that set Ridgid design and product apart, to others who "don't get it". I now don't bother, since attempting to expound on the virtues of a little black washer, normally clears the room...and men in white coats are summoned!!


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      I agree with you. I'm a certified perfectionist, and I look at the little things. I also have one of the stands to which you refer, and I'm pleased to know it has that washer in each of the feet.

      I've heard the notion of taking care of the little details stated this way: "Coffee stains on the flip-down trays, tell the passengers that the airline doesn't do it's engine maintenance right." When you see little stuff done right, you feel confident the big stuff is done right too. If the little stuff isn't done right, you wonder about the big stuff. OK, I'll stop rambling.



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        But, if you really want to get picky, the rubber shouldn't have come off in the first place. Now THAT would be an inovation if they can figure that out.



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          this is way off subject but i love your anaolgy.I only thought i would have thought of that sooner. I am an aircraft maint technician in the military and would constantly get on my junior guys about "the details". that would have been an outstanding way to convey the importance. I have since changed jobs and no longer work on aircraft but i will be passing that quote along to my former co workers in the hopes that it will make an impact. I bet you never thought that something said on this message boart would have an impact on military aircraft maintenance.