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  • Router Extension Table

    I have the TS3650 and am looking at putting a router extension wing on it. (limited shop space) I have looked at the Bench Dog table and was wondering if anyone had added this to their saw by drilling out the right side wing and adding it as an addition wing instead of replacing the left side wing. However I don't know if it will fit.

    Any thoughts????

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    One of the guys designed his own. You can see it here:


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      hello e-barr

      I have the Dewalt contractor saw with the 52" fence. when I ordered it it came with an extra wing as you are asking about. I did add the wing to the left side of the table in the exact way that you are asking about. It works extremely well, since I can use my rip fence for the routing work as well.

      I have a friend who is a machinist who centered it for me and drilled it to accept my Dewalt router. he also made me different diameter inter changeable throat plates to accomodate different types of router bits i.e. 3" raised panel bits, 2 1/4 molding bits and the other types of smaller bits.

      he also made me a vacuum port on the under side of tyhe wing with a tapered port opening to fit the standard size shopvac hose. So it can be done, it is jus a matter of how far you want to go with it.

      good luck

      happy woodworking guys