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lathe headstock wobble

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  • lathe headstock wobble

    I have the 1200 lathe and seem to have developed a wobble in the headstock. When using my faceplate to turn a bowl I get a true turn.
    However, when I reverse it and mount it in my headstock chuck, it will not turn true, it wobbles.
    Can the headstock be replaced?

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    Re: lathe headstock wobble

    Before you buy costly repair parts you need to first find out where the wobble really is and what part(s) are bad. Do you have another face plate or do you have a dead center that fits into the spindle? You need to find out if the spindle might be bent (damaged) or if the bearings might need to be replaced. A whole headstock gets into some good $$$ that you really need not spend for now. Have you had any form of an accident with this lathe? If yes, please tell about it. If not and you bought it new then it might be bad bearings but my real bet is that if a face plate runs true then your chuck has a run-out issue. If you can do so, try to borrow a magnetic base and a dial indicator to check for run-out. A dead center put into the spindle and then checked for any wobble will tell if the spindle may be bent or the bearings need work such as adjusting (roller or sleeve bearings) or replacement (ball bearings). If you have two or more face plates and they all run true then it has to be a chuck problem. When doing bowls you need to be sure you do not remove the bowl from the face plate until you're are totally done on the lathe. Remounting a bowl leads to problems.

    I'm going to assume it's a 3 jaw scroll chuck where all the jaws work together. For many projects a 4 jaw check where you adjust each jaw one at a time is great to have.

    Does the chuck body wobble or just the bowl?

    Please try to think hard and give lots of info on this.

    You may want to click this link and then search on "wood lathe" which should take you to where you can download 2 versions of owner's manuals which should have parts lists near the end of them. I recommend downloading both and looking them over. Buying a whole headstock is costly and I really doubt you'll need it.
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      Re: lathe headstock wobble

      Instead of using a face plate for the first side, glue a block onto you piece and put that into the chuck that you use. Your face plate may not be perfectly flat and 90 degree from the head stock. I attach waste blocks to my plates and turn them flat and attach my work piece to the waste block with turners tape.
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