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  • Oscillating Spindle Sleeves

    I just purchased the Oscillating Belt/Spindle sander at Home Depot and now discover that the spindle sleeves are different from all the other spindle sanders. And my local Home Depot only carries the 80 grit sleeves. I assume that finer grits are available but do any of you other owners know of a source for grits in the 120-180 range and in the 1" and 2" diameters?

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    They are the same as most other sanders. You can buy the sleeves at Sears or by mail order at Klingspor's. There sand paper is twice as good as any you can buy at a retail store. They also carry the belts for that sander.


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      Hi Fred,
      I just bought the same sander last week at the HD. You might want to check out Klingspor's Woodworking Site. They carry the 4 1/2 inch sanding sleeves in all different grits. There web address is Also I found the 4x24 belts on ebay, just enter sanding belts in the search and it will pop up, prices look good!
      I havn't found sanding sleeves on ebay yet, I'm be checking every few days, If I found any I'll
      let you know! Wes


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        Thanks for the responses..! A day later I bought some 4.5 sleeves at Woodworkers Warehouse and when I tried them out I was suprised to see that they fit perfectly. Somehow I thought the owner's manual had said the sleeves were 4" long, not 4.5" like the Porter Cable and others.. Anyway, I did some serious sanding with it and am thrilled with it's performance. I've never gotten such smooth curves with my drill press and sanding drums. It's a great machine.. I already convinced a friend to buy one too.