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ts 2400?

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  • ts 2400?

    I have been saving up for the ts 3650, but I see they have the ts2400 on sale. Do you think that the 3650 is worth the extra 250? I will mostly be using it for weekend projects and building funiture in my spare time. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: ts 2400?

    In a word yes, the 3650 is definitely worth the extra money. I'm not bashing the 2400 it's just that the 3650 offers so much more.
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      Re: ts 2400?

      Yes. Unless you need the portability of a jobsite saw, a good full size stationary saw offers a bunch of advantages over a good portable saw.

      3650 pros vs the 2400:
      - table surface size (the 3650 is ~ 5" deeper in front of the blade)
      - mass/stability (287#)
      - smoother belt operation vs direct drive
      - quieter induction motor vs loud universal motor
      - stronger materials of construction (cast iron and steel vs plastic and Al)
      - longterm reliability
      - safer
      - better resale value

      Now for the flip side of the argument. If saving for a 3650 means you don't get a TS for another year, then maybe it's better to have a 2400 For $300 now. You can always resell without too much of a loss because of the current low purchase price. But at $450, I'd definitely hold out for a full size saw in the $500-$700 range.,..the difference in price over the lifetime of the saw is next to nothing.
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        Re: ts 2400?

        Hewood, I have to call you on the "safer" statement. I have had my 2400 for 6 years now and there is nothing unsafe about it.
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          Re: ts 2400?

          I have a TS2400 and it suits my needs perfectly. It travels with me and once set up I get stationary ts results from it. I've struggled with smaller portable saws in the past and they either didn't have the poop or the tables were too small (Delta, Makita). I would say that the TS2400 has one of if not the biggest table surfaces around and plenty of power to rip just about anything. Bearings on the direct drive motor are tight and vibration free. Great fence too.

          That said if money or portability aren't issues then go with the 3650 as it will probably last you a life time Hard to beat cast iron
          Cheers! - Jim
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            Re: ts 2400?

            I have a TS2400 in a small basement shop. The TS2400 does everything that I need - building furniture as well as normal house remodeling and hobbyist activites. I used to own a small 9 inch Craftsman Table Saw that I purchased in the mid 1970's and it too help me build furniture as well as remodeling jobs. I briefly had a Ryobi 3100 that I sold after some three months (broke even on the cost).

            I have the TS2400 mounted on a used Ryobi saw stand (which itself is on a mobile base) and I constructed a fold down outfeed table (2 feet by 4 feet). When I need to use the saw, I roll if out from the wall and cut, rip, dado or mold away. As we used to say in the Army, if you can't use the gun, then the largest gun in the world can't help you - not unless you want to destroy everything.


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              Re: ts 2400?

              Originally posted by papadan View Post
              Hewood, I have to call you on the "safer" statement. I have had my 2400 for 6 years now and there is nothing unsafe about it.
              "...nothing unsafe" ....about a TS? (...until you turn it on! )

              More operating space in front of the blade, and better stability are advantages that equate to "safer" in my book. That statement isn't intended to infer that the 2400 is unsafe, but is a relative term.
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                Re: ts 2400?

                I had a similar decision to make last year, and this forum convinced me to opt for the big iron 3650. I have a small shop (150 sq feet), and strongly considered the ability to fold up the 2400. However, the herculift allows me to easily move the 3650 off to the side, and/or use it as an assembly table.

                I've never used the 2400, so I have no comparison. However, I have no regrets with the 3650. I do dread the day I have to move it out of the basement and up the stairs.

                One last thought: most woodworkers will agree that the centerpiece of any shop is the table saw.


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                  Re: ts 2400?

                  Thanks for the help. I went ahead and bought the 2400.I ultimatley decided that there is not anything I can do with the 3600 that I cant do with the 2400. For three hundread dollers it was just to good of a price to pass up. Thanks again.


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                    Re: ts 2400?

                    I was carrying on the same internal debate about buying the TS2400 vs the 3650 (or similar). The sale price of $299 finally swayed me. My shop is a basement utility room, 13 x 28 (sharing space with washer, dryer, freezer, A/C, etc.). I was concerned about space. Still was leaning toward the 3650, but with the sale price, I can sell the TS2400 and buy the bigger saw.

                    I must say, the TS2400 seems great. Ready to use out of the box. Checked all the adjustments, only had to adjust the height of the throat plate and the height of the extension. Everything else was true.