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Reducing Height of Highboy

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  • Reducing Height of Highboy

    As part of a remodeling job I custom built a dresser for a customer. I built it to their specs and it came out well. The problem is that the dresser does not fit with the existing bedroom set. The only thing in common is both are made from knotty pine - a wood I hope to never have the misfortune of working with again. The new dresser, which is 48" high, is to be used to replace a highboy chest of drawers 60" high on which the customer has a TV for viewing from their bed. They say their necks hurt after watching TV in bed for extended periods. I plan to bring the new dresser to them today. My thoughts are to attempt to persuade them to allow me to cut the old highboy down to 48" and use it instead of the new one.

    The cutting task seems pretty straight forward, remove the top, cut the carcass to height and reinstall the top. I am not absolutely certain I can achieve an exact 48" height but I think I can come close. Am I missing something? Is this more complex than what I think?


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    Re: Reducing Height of Highboy

    Could be difficult to get the top off cleanly on a manufactured piece, wonder if it would be easier to do from the bottom?
    You may want to score the veneer first before your cut a drawer section off the carcass to limit chipping. If you do it from the bottom it may be easier to hide any chipping


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      Re: Reducing Height of Highboy

      A chain saw will cut down to size in a hurry,
      OK sorry I could not resist,

      If you cut a little below the top (in to wood that your cutting out or removing), if there is hard ware and glue, with the top off, it may be easier to clean up or use a reciprocating saw and cut just a touch below the top so it does not get messed up and then sand or chisel the remaining case off the top to clean it up,

      then cut down the cabinet and reattach the top,
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