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  • TS2400 Dado Blades

    Hi all,

    I'm somewhat perplexed about installing a dado blade kit onto a TS2400. I've read through my manual, as well as other posts on this forum. I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction.

    The manual says I can install a dado kit of 13/16" in width. Unfortunately, I can't seem to install anything thicker than 5/8".

    Here's what my manual says:
    Originally posted by Page 34

    -Unplug the saw.
    -Lower the blade.
    -Remove the blade guard assembly, throat plate and the saw blade.
    -Remove the inner blade washer and the spacer. See Figure 47
    -Mount the Dado blade, using the blade and chippers appropriate for the desired width of cut.
    -Reinstall the arbor nut.
    -Make sure the arbor nut is fully engaged and the arbor extends at lease one full thread past a securely tighted arbor nut.
    -When mounting dado blades, make sure both the inner blade washer and the outer blade washer are used.
    Here is the problem... I can't find a spacer next to the inner blade washer. I certainly can't remove the inner blade washer, as the manual would indicate.


    According to the last post on this thread:

    The user says "it's ok NOT to use the collar."

    This is in direct contraction to the user manual, which says I should always use the outer blade washer. Can anyone please confirm?

    Thank you,


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    Re: TS2400 Dado Blades

    Contrary to what the manual said, it's perfectly alright to NOT use the outer washer when making wide dado cuts. The combination of the outer blades and chipper blades will provide plenty of blade stability for you to make wider dado cuts.
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      Re: TS2400 Dado Blades

      Thanks for the reply, Dave.


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        Re: TS2400 Dado Blades

        Even your quote of page 34 says take off the plate but does not say put it on, just the arbor nut. Dave is correct. I quit using a dado on my 2400. Too much trouble to keep switching out blades. I just use a router for them.
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