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  • splitter for 3650...

    Hello people.

    Elliott here.

    This is my first time visiting/posting this site. I usually hangout at woodnet. I've heard of this place but never came over. From what I've been reading so far , this seems to be a pretty nice place to hangout & learn/ask questions .

    I figured I should join this forum as I own a modified TS3650. I added a 52" Biesemeyer fence,Incra 1000SE and a extension table w/ shelf underneath. I use a Ridge Carbide TS2000 full kerf blade and a Freud SD508 dado set. The stock blade is used for pine, PT etc... To avoid discrepancies with the fence tape between the thin & full kerf blade , I use a shim between the arbor and blade when using the stock blade. My fence tape is set for the full kerf blade. Anyway...

    My question is , Does the Biesemeyer splitter fit or can it be modified to fit the 3650 ?

    I currently use shop made ZCI's with hardwood splitters glued in for rip cuts.

    Regards: Elliott

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    Re: splitter for 3650...

    Hi Elliott. Welcome to the forums.

    I can't find any information on the splitter on the Biesemeyer site, but I did find a few links to it on other sites. From what I see, it looks surprisingly like the splitter that is stock with the TS3650. It has a tall "knife" type splitter with two anti-kickback pawls, one on each side.

    The standard splitter mount for the 3650 is on the rear of the saw. It mounts with 2 10mm screws. The mount itself is easily removable, making it a very flexible system. I can remove my splitter when doing dados and other non-through cuts, then replace the splitter and it mounts right up in perfect alignment. If you can find a way to mount the Bies splitter to that mount, that'd be your best bet. Take a look through the manual
    and on page 15 is a picture of the splitter, labeled as #3. The mounting flange is visible in the picture. The installation instructions for the Blade Guard Assembly (containing the splitter) is detailed on page 24. That should give you some idea if you could modify the Bies to fit the 3650. Given that the Bies is almost exactly the same as the Ridgid stock system, there should be some way to do it. I, personally, really like the ability to simply remove the blade guard and splitter and put it back so easily.

    Let us know what you come up with, and please post some pictures of your current setup. There's always interest on modifications for the 3650. I find it to be a very reliable, sturdy tool and am always interested to see what others have done to improve it.

    Again, welcome to the forums. I hope you find this post helpful. There's usually always a few folks around here with really good advice.

    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.