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TS3650 workstation (re-post)

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    WOW! Very very very nice! This is exactly what I've been looking for. You did a fantastic job on that! Did you by chance write down the dimensions and all that?


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      Great job, jlr. Very professional. But what a shame to hide all that pretty orange. Keep the pics comming.


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        How is the extension table mounted to the saw? Is the table screwed to the base cabinet below? Are the rails attached to the table extension? How did you get it level with the cast iron top?


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          jlr last posted on 08/02/04 so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response.
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            I'm guessing but I would say you build it (the top) to be as close to level with the TS top as possible, then shim/shave if necessary to get them both flat and in the same plane. Look at photos #2 & 3 (the back side views), the top to me looks like its a double layer of ply that sits on top of the cabinet box. If you cut it to fit between the rails (27"), then lay it on top of the box and check to see if its hi/lo to the table saw top, and shim as needed. If you got it too high that would take more work to bring it down.

            If you haven't put your TS together yet, one solution would be to put a piece of 3/4 solid core 11 or 13 ply birch plywood between the leg set and the bottom of the TS cabinet. This means you need longer bolts of course than those supplied with the TS to mount the legs to the TS, but you gain a solid base on which to build an accessory rack. The ply could be about 23" deep x 44" wide, with the width running left to right with the front of the TS. Leave about 11" out to the left side so it projects out and makes a shelf on the left side of the saw cabinet. The remainder runs out to the right side and you'll have about 12 or 13" on the right side too. this was the basis of one of the TS workstations in a woodworking mag a couple years ago (AWW, Aug 2004 maybe). They tacked on an outfeed table and other stuff. But if you are putting your saw together now you could just put that one piece of ply in there and build the rest later, that way you wouldn't have to take the TS apart later on.
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              Pheeeewwweee... Man, Lorax you told me just in time! I turned all blue and everything!
              Yuk Yuk Yuk... I crack me up!
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                Take a pat on the back

                Nice job well done, I dream of having the space you have. Lets call it the Maximus! It deserves a name. Keep us posted on your project work progress with it. Good Luck.

                Talk about Badger Dave, its taken me about 3 hours to figure out how to compress an Adobe PDF file so I can post a sketch on a thread I posted the other day, so here goes, if I fail its off to the garage and a choppin I will go.