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    i am thinking about buying the ridgid lathe. why doesn't it have a way for outboard turning? and why use a tubular steel bed? has it got a hollow center for lamp post and such? what are the strong and weak points to this lathe? please be honest about the weak points. i would really like to hear from some experienced turners and present owners of this lathe if at all possible.
    Godspeed and wear those safety glasses...

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    Without anything to compare it to... generally it seems to do everything I need it to do, although I have limited my turning to bowls, pens and turned legs for furniture.

    I don't think you will find much at same price point but I offer the following criticism:

    changing speeds is a pain in the neck and, while I am not sure how many more you would need, it only offers four speeds.

    If you plan on a large turning, capacity may be an issue, both in clearance and in motor strength.

    This is clearly not what I would call a "primary" product offering for Ridgid, but one that I see as one that fills out the catalogue. But if all you are going to do is hobby-type projects it should be fine. I drilled holes in the table top to insert my tools.


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      The only weak point I have read about it is that the lowest speed is still too fast for larger bowl turning.I am going to buy it real soon(saving $ right now).The way I look at it is this;I am not an expert on a lathe yet,so for $300 and some accessories the Ridgid is a small invesment to "train" on. If in the future I find I need something with more to offer,I will look into it.Good luck!


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        Quick follow-up - if you buy this figuring it for a "starter" don't hold back on the tools. I bought a cheap starter set of tools but have been replacing them with good Sorby tools as I go. These will hold up well to whatever I do with the lathe in the future.


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          I have the Ridgid lathe.. It will not work with a duplicator unless you can spend the extra $ to have it refitted to accept it All of the duplicators that I know about are made for a twin miled bed, not the tube.. It caot me about $250.00 to have steel blocks made. If I had not already bought and used the Ridgid I would look at the DELTA line.. ASK MANY QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BUT ANY OF THEM>>Figure out "down the road" what you will be using it for.. Doc.


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            thanks for the reponses. how big is the largest bowl i would be able to turn safely? have there been any draw backs beside the duplicator issue that the steel tube bed has caused? i might go ahead and buy it since Home Depot is having its 10% off tool trade in "event" right now. since i will be learning on it i think the cost and capabilites are right for now.
            Godspeed and wear those safety glasses...