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Need advice on making cutting board

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    Re: Need advice on making cutting board

    Originally posted by BHD View Post
    black walnut is used often, to get a nice contrast with maple.
    maple, cherry, birch, walnut are the normal woods I am aware of that are used,

    I have never seen oak or mahonagy used,
    BHD has the right of it with the woods he named. You probably could also use white oak, but rock maple would be a better choice for a "blonde" color.

    I made some of those cutting boards shown in WOOD as gifts and used maple, walnut and Brazilian cherry (that stuff is HARD). This last is slightly open grained and normal cherry might be a better choice, but it turned out great nonetheless.


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      Re: Need advice on making cutting board

      Tight grained woods are better then open grained woods ie: maple is better than oak etc. You also do not want any woods that could impart tastes or odours to food in any way. Some open grained woods could harbour bacteria etc. and are harder to keep clean (oak, ash, mahogany etc.). End grain is better than flat grain.

      Maple is probably king of butcher blocks and cutting boards. Walnut is used often as an accent colour like BHD says but you have to be careful with walnut as some people are allergic to it or its oils.

      Mineral oil and bees wax for seasoning and vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or bleach for disinfecting.
      Cheers! - Jim
      All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Schopenhauer


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        Re: Need advice on making cutting board

        Thanks to everyone for providing a lot of good info. Once I finish the board I will post some pics.


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          Re: Need advice on making cutting board

          There is an excellent article in Wood magazine showing you how to make an end grain cutting board from walnut, cherry, and maple. I believe Oct 2006 is the issue. See also this link: