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Cabinet leaf support hardware

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  • Cabinet leaf support hardware

    Hi, I was talking with leevalley for a cabinet drop leaf.So it only drops 90 degrees. Not 180 like a regualr table.It needs to lock in upright position. She told me these would work. I have them here they dont. She also told me thye mount flat thye dont.,40143&p=40143
    My unit is built, theres no lip on top to mount to like face frame either. Now im thinking of some zero clearance hinge that doesnt need mortising and mounts flat, I dont care how thick it is. So I need osme of these and I also need some sort of support arms underneath that either fold down or swing out and lock? The leafs are only 6 inch , 8 inch by 24 long. Lee valley suggested these also but thye only work for 12 inch or wider.,40037&p=40037

    Any suggestions much appreciated.
    See picture of one of the cabinet style.


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    Re: Cabinet leaf support hardware

    I will find folding shelve brackets for this. I am having a hard time finding ones that will work on a 6 inch shelf. If anyones knows please let me know.