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  • Custom TS2412 Wings

    I want to scrap my TS2412's stamped metal wings in favor of a wood (or pressboard with laminate) custom assembly. What is a good way to mount them to the table? The stock mounting location doesn't allow for a lot of space.


    Should I consider just making a table and add the extension rails? I read other discussions about the numeric scale no longer reading correctly when extension rails are added? Is there a viable solution for this?

    Anybody have any suggestions or photos of similar installations?


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    Unfortunately, I don't have a great answer for you on mounting the extensions to the table. However, I would start with the 3 bolts that mount the steel extensions (I have the 2424 so I am only assuming that these exist on the 2412). You can check out rritch's solution at:


    As for the scale, yes it is solvable. I just moved my fence over to increase the ripping capacity this weekend and was a little nervous about replacing the scale (I'm a whimp that way ). It turned out to be very easy. I just pulled off the existing scale and replaced it with a self-stick scale I bought at Woodcraft. No incidents and it works great.