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    The wing setup is pretty simple ... all I did was get melanmine, and some poplar ... cut the melanmine to 27" x 20", make sure it's the exact same length as the existing table top, so the fence won't be off ... then, I built a box underneath it, or a frame, with additional support pieces so the melanmine won't buckle... I didn't add a leg underneath, I didn't think it needed it for support, seemed to work just fine without it ...

    The fence rails have some T-slots where the fence originaly mounts to the saw ... just drill some holes in the frame of the router table top and bolt in place .. the PITA is making sure everything is square and level. I added a couple of small C clamps underneath to bolt the side frame to the extention wing of the saw for more support .. You can do this with C clamps, or drill some new holes in the cast iron.

    The fold down extention table also was kind of a PITA .. The big thing was getting clearance over the motor for the fold down to work properly .. I bolted a frame to the legs of the saw:

    Lots of bolts to make it sturdy .. that's main thin for the frame, make it sturdy, otherwise with the wight of the table when folded down, it will buckle and not be aligned.

    Blue masking tape underneath outfeed table was for the support frame pieces, had to shim them to get level with the table top, just used masking tape.

    P.S. For all those who don't know how to post images:

    If you have your image on a web server, get the full http path of the image and put it in your post like this:

    img src="">

    add a "<" to the beginning of that line, if I added it as a demo, it would've tried to show it as an image.


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      Potentially even easier way to post picture. Get it's name and location (starts with http://, ends usually with .jpg). Under where you type your response, there's a section called Instant UBB Code. Click on the one that says IMAGE, put the picture location in the little box that pops up, and you're good to go. The picture has to be accessible to the internet, no getting around that.

      To make links like I did earlier in this thread, just put the address there. Making it a link is an automagic function.



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        Thanks Dave.