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TS2424 on overload?

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    Is it possible that the "double pole" breaker is a slim or tandem?. In other words one breaker sharing the same leg which gives you 2 breakers in the space in one. Did that make sense? There is still a problem with the 30 amps so we must go on.

    Is it an OLD appliance circuit that had a 110 tap for some reason???? I saw this once several years ago in a friends house. House was pushing 80-90 years old found out that some early appliances required 220, but had maybe a clock needing 110 so they slapped a plug off of the circuit for the clock. Have seen some pretty strange stuff done in my travels and work in old and sometimes newer houses. Have even seen some really scarey stuff in commercial buildings.
    Final thought, see others advice above, get someone reputable to check this out.

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      I hope everyone doesn't send me a bill at once for your expertise...gonna have to put this on a payment plan (C:

      As a parting shot...
      The circuit I'm using for the TS has only one outlet. Total run to outlet is 21'. 10 ga. made-up extension cord (12') makes drop from the ceiling outlet. Have a 3-way connector at the end on which I run (one at a time)TS, planer, router, etc as it's a central location (very handy).

      I pulled the face off the breaker panel (Square D) to have a looksee at the double-pole 30 amp breaker. Only one leg is connected (black wire)?? 12 ga. wire in flexible metal conduit. I'll probably connect the white wire to the other leg of the breaker and call it a 220; change the outlet & ext cord ends to 220, convert planer and TS, and pout about not being able to run routers, sanders, etc off it.

      If the above works, I'm gonna make new circuits for the band saw and dust coll.

      My biggest prob right now is my relationship with Norm is in jeopardy. Just cut a 13" wide maple board for a deep drawer for a workbench cabinet (ala Woodsmith #133)using his "Panel Cutting Jig" and it's not square (see new thread- Wide Board Woes).

      Thanks again for the input... and go easy on me with the bill.



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        When you convert that circuit (back) to 220v, mark the currently white wire as either black or red (electrician's tape is what is most often used). This will indicate that it no longer is a neutral, to the next guy who comes along.

        Also, although it is sometimes tempting to save a couple bucks by not changing out the receptacle and plug, please do change them to the proper 30v 220v products. This will prevent that accident when you (or Heaven forbid, you wife) unplug the saw and plug in a 110v appliance.

        Those two items, and I'll waive my bill. How's that sound?