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    In a thread from several years ago, a user complained that he was having trouble with chatter when feeding stock through. Now, I'm having a similar issue, and I'm wondering if I just got a bad set of knives or if there's a problem with my planer.

    Previously, when I had stock milled to the desired thickness, I would run it through one more time on each side to clear any imperfections. Now, after installing a new set of blades, when I try to do this, the board chatters badly and ruins the smooth surface. I turned the blades and get the same behavior. When I take at least 1/32" off the thickness, I don't have this problem. Any less and I get the chatter.

    Could it be the blades, or could I have something out of alignment that's causing the blades to sit lower than the rollers and bounce the stock? The problem occurs with stock of any length, so I'm not sure it's a feed support issue.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: TP1300 Thickness Planer Chatter

    Hey pconrey,

    I would start by checking you knife installation.

    First, Remove the knives and weigh them. This doesn't sound like your problem because you did not mention any vibration when the planer is running. If there is any vibration, then you may have a balance problem.

    Next is to check the knife height from the holder. If they are set too high, then likely, the rollers are not providing adequate pressure to hold the stock against the bedplate because the knives are cutting too deep. This would most likely be the culprit. I have a Plunge-Type Micrometer to assist in setting my knife height. You can find one at Sears, or even at your local Auto parts store, and possibly even at HD.

    I make a straddle block from a piece of FLAT hardwood, Dado a 3/4 or wider groove, so that it will straddle either side of the knife and rest on the knife holder. I find the DEAD center of the block, left-right and fore-aft and drill a hole to fit the body of the Plunger Mic into and then drill a hole horizontally through the narrow side to install a small thumb screw that will lock the Mic in place, after you have zeroed the indicator. I tap the hole for the proper thread, and I use hard wood because it is stable and dense enough to cut threads.

    Now you simply loosen all the knives and set their height EXACTLY the same and as deeply set into the knife holder. This allows you to get MAXIMUM pressure of the stock to the bedplate and gives the most clamp pressure and support to the knives to keep them from flexing. After you have reset set everything, plane a piece of WIDE scrap stock a couple of passes and then go back and RETORQUE all the fasteners for the knives.

    Hope this helps.
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