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Upgrading motor on BS1400???

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  • Upgrading motor on BS1400???

    I have been looking at new bandsaws lately, but wondered if anyone here has upgraded the motor on their BS1400? If so, what specs must you have and were you happy with the swap? I hate to get rid of it but would like more power to do some small resawing.

    Thanks for any insight on this subject!


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    Re: Upgrading motor on BS1400???

    Resawing is as much about the blade as anything else. Mine (BS1400) has the original motor and a riser block. I have successfully resawn cherry over 8" wide with no problem at all. I use an Olsen All Pro 5/8" 3tpi hook tooth blade. I use Carter Guides and a Kreg fence because I often cut thin pieces for veneer. I probably have as much in accessories as I do the saw itself, but the motor is original.