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Factory recondidtioned TS3650

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  • Factory recondidtioned TS3650

    Anybody ever bought one? Would you recommend one? Would it have the arbor issue resolved?

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    I bought one about 4 months ago. Yes it did have the arbor problem but for the cost difference I couldnt pass it up. Ordered the arbor replacement and will take the assembley out and have it replaced. For right now It runs like a champ.


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      As far as I know Cummins Tools is the only authorized dealer of factory reconditioned 3650's, is this who you're looking to buy the saw from? If it isn't, then I would say that the saw is not reconditioned at all. It only makes sense that replacing the arbor would be part of the reconditioning preocess. Before you buy, I'd make them guarantee that the arbor is not one that you will have to replace after you buy the saw.
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        Yes it is from Cummins, thanks for the info and advice


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          The one I bought was from Cummins but still had the arbor issue.


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            Originally posted by k9smith:
            The one I bought was from Cummins but still had the arbor issue.
            Then how in the world can they honestly label it as reconditioned???? If it were me, I'd raise holy hell with Cummins/Ridgid and demand either a replacement or some sort of compensation. That just isn't right!
            Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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              When I called Ridgid Tech Serv, they told me that all units at Cummins should have the fix, four months ago that may not have been the case.

              The other thing for me to weigh is th Cummins unit only comes with a 1 yr warranty whilst HD is three plus lifetime. Your thoughts would be appreciated BadgerDave


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                As long a tool has truly been factory reconditioned, I wouldn't be afraid to buy reconditioned tools. As a matter of fact, I have purchased several in the past and have been very satisfied with them.

                You have to weigh the value yourself between the Cummins warranty and a Ridgid NIB warranty and service agreement. I'm not so sure that the service agreement would sway me at all when it comes to the Ridgid table saw. Usually when something goes bad on a TS it goes bad right away and if thats the case you'd probably be OK with the 1 year warranty. As far as the service agreement, well......... other than the motor, there isn't much to be serviced on a TS and the motor could very well last for decades depending on how much you use the saw.
                Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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                  Ironic, I bought at TS2424 at a Home Depot about 4 years ago that was "factory refurb". I have always wondered why the saw that is advertised as still enough to balance a nickel on edge had so much vibration. Well I don't have a dial indicator, but I noticed that the blade had some wobble when slowing. Using a scrap and rotating the blade I discovered visable runout at the blade. Is there something up with these? I am going to order one from Ridgid and I have three questions:
                  1. How much disassembly is necessary to replace this thing, and
                  2. Does the replacement run the same risk of runout as the original.
                  3. How much is this going to set me back?

                  I'll give Ridgid one kudo, when I bought the fence there was some scoring where the previous owner had not used a sacrificial fence, I just mentioned this to the customer service rep and voila` a new fence extrusion showed up three days later UPS. I wonder if I can get the same with the arbor?

                  Well it appears that there is a plethora of info about this subject. Thanks to all. Seems a bit wierd that visible wobble is "acceptable" tolerance on the arbor shaft. Will have to get a dial indicator to check. BTW I took a combination square and set the bar on top of the arbor with the power, key, blade and drive belt removed. (Did I mention that I am safety conscious) I could hear the bar drag and release as I rotated the arbor by hand. Methinks it must be arbor shaft warp. If you get the whole assembly, is this still a pro job?

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