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Is meguiars ceaner wax good for the top?

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  • Is meguiars ceaner wax good for the top?

    Hello all I Just purchased and put together my 3612 and it looks a runs great. To keep the top slippery and rust free can I use Meguiar's cleaner wax on the top? I can not find any info on this stuff to find out if it has silicone in it. Any info would help.

    Thanks in advance,


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    The plain carnuba wax would be better than the cleaner wax. Remember, you want to build a good coat of slick wax. Cleaner wax will remove the old coat everytime you use it. If you use regular wax and ever need to remove it, some kerosene will do the trick.

    Also, before you wax the surface, take some machine oil with steel wool and scrub the surface to make sure it is smooth. Then follow with treatment. It made a big difference on my saw. Good luck with your saw.


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      Thanks Mike!

      I used wd40 and a scotchbright pad to smooth things out. I then used keroseen to clean it.