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  • jointer blade changout

    I chipped a blade in my ridged jointer and tried to switch out the blades today and now the jointer is tearing the heck out of the wood. All 3 blades seem to be at the same height when I use a straight edge, so I am not sure what is going on.

    On a side note, the instructions for the blades said to use the hold down tool that came with the tool, it is supposed to look like a thing that wraps areoung the drum, but I do not have one, and there was no part like that listed in the original paperwork with the jointer. Should there be one or is it a mis-print?

    Finally, the instructions said that when the bolts are loosened that the blads shuould raise up because of the springs, but mine did not do that, I had to each on either end of the blade and remove it. should it have popped upsome?

    Any suggestions on how to get the jointer cutting smooth abagin would be appreciated.