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Perhaps I'll buy a TS2400LS

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  • Perhaps I'll buy a TS2400LS

    Hello All - Just started woodworking (bought and hate a cheap Craftsman TS) and am looking to purchase a new TS. I've been looking on all the forums I can (don't want to repeat the craftsman experience) and it's down to the TS2400LS and the DEWALT DW744 - Now, I know this is a rigid forum and "may be" a little biased but I'm looking for feedback on the 2400LS - I would like the 3650 but don't have the room - I've searched the forums so I have some feedback on the 2400LS - If anyone has any feedback on accuracy, reliability, etc - that would be appreciated - I'm looking at ww'ing as a hobby - make somce book cases, coffee tables, maybe a bed, etc. tia - tbullard

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    I bought a Ridgid TS2400 about a year ago - when they rane the deep sales prices at x-mas time. I have been quite please with it, and it seems to have a lot of great features the competitors do not (and the mobile base is rock solid). The DeWalt was also one of the condenders when I bought mine. I also looked at the Porter Cable... and speaking of which, they are on clearance at Lowes right now for about $250 at most stores, some stores even less due to "floor models" or slight damage. May want to look at that as an option as well - at that price it is hard to ignore the PC.


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      This was discussed back in August in the General Power Tool section... web page