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    Re: HD's TS

    Originally posted by harley130 View Post
    We just learned today that HD is planning to put more aprons on the floor in an effort to better assist the customers. In our region, they are doing away with the local HR manager's slot and consolidating them into a regional staff at half the current level. The salary/headcount will still belong to the local store and enable us to hire 3 to 4 associates for what the HR Manager was being paid.
    Now only if they would give the Tool Crib some of the space that some of the other areas are wasting we would be a happy camper and could set up a nice stationary tool display.

    I'm glad to hear that they are going to spend money on aprons rather than pointy haired bosses. HR is important to help out with benefits problems etc.; but are really only overhead and don't improve the customer experience (except as far as attracting and retaining good associates).

    At your HD you might have a display that is nicer than the one at your local Lowe's, but that doesn't generalize. Lowes has wider aisles in their tool world than HD does in the tool corral. One of my biggest gripes with the tool corral layout is the aisle are very thin, and 2 out of 3 are usually blocked with a big ladder that takes up 3/4 of the aisle. If you have a cart, then it is darn near impossible to navigate. I usually shop tools with my son in the cart, so that makes it realy annoying. Also, the two Lowes nearest to me also have about 200 sq. ft devoted to stationary tools. HD has nothing. Out of the 4 HDs close to me; only one has stationary tools on display, and that one has them on top of shelves. Also, it seems really wierd that some of them (2/4) have all the planers on display. I would think that the planer is a lower volume item than the TS or some of the other stationary tools.

    I do like HDs tool selection better than Lowes. I get a much more warm and fuzzy feeling from Ryobi and RIDGID than I do Firestorm or the other Lowe's brands. The one place that HD lags behind Lowes in the portable displays is routers. Lowes has the PC 89x in addition to the 69x, and also the Freud. HD doesn't seem to have the PC 890 or the Freud.