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Which Dovetail Jig??

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  • Which Dovetail Jig??

    I am in need of a dovetail jig pretty quick, the only one my guy at Lowes says that he has in stock is a porter cable 4210 for $99.00.

    Does anyone have any problems with this jig??

    I need to purchase one by tomorrow, (too long a story to explain the rush) and just wannt to know if i need to look elsewhere?


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    Re: Which Dovetail Jig??

    It is a good jig if all you want to make are half blind dove tails. It does not come with a through dove tail template. You can order a through and mini template for it but that blows your time frame.
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      Re: Which Dovetail Jig??


      Thats what I was afraid of, I was not thinking of the correct terms for the two but I do need to be able to cut through dovetails.

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        Re: Which Dovetail Jig??

        Hello Biscuit,
        Check out this site

        There selling the 4216 dovetail package for 175.00 plus 6.95 for shipping. Thats where I bought mine. The 4216 kit is the PC 4212 dovetail jig with through and half blind jig templates AND the 4215 Mini dovetail jig template (used to cut much smaller dovetails, jewerly boxes, Etc ) with router bits. I thought that it was a pretty good deal. Hope this helps......Av8r


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          Re: Which Dovetail Jig??

          I have, and really like, the Rockler dovetail jig:

          It's a complete package, in terms of: half-blind dovetails, through dovetails, and it comes with the three router bits and the bushing you need to do both. This kit is currently $139. If you had more time it sometimes goes on sale.

          However, that's just the start of the story if you think you'll be doing more dovetails in the future. They have a rather effective dust collection shroud you can get for this jig (I'd give it 85% effectiveness in restricting and capturing dovetailing debris & dust). They also have templates for making "custom" spaced through dovetails, which look more handmade with the same ease.

          Overall, I've been very happy with it all of the above.


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            Re: Which Dovetail Jig??

            The rockler package looks good, Things have changed and I am not in as big a rush to buy one.

            I will look into the rockler package a little more.

            Thanks to all.