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Changing a TS3612 to run on 240v

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  • Changing a TS3612 to run on 240v

    I'm looking to finally get a table saw for my home workshop and after reading through this board and a couple others, I think I've settled on the TS3612. From what I've seen and heard, it definitely seems like the best value out there for the home woodworker.

    I do have one question though (of course!). I'm looking to put a 240 volt outlet in my shop for the TS3612, and I'm not sure what style of recepticle I should use. From what I've seen in the 3612's manual online, it looks like I should be using an outlet that accepts plugs with two horizontal blades + a ground. I assume what I'll need to do is buy a plug with this kind of configuration, clip the 120v plug with verticle blades off the stock TS3612's power cord, and attach the new 240 volt plug? Is this correct, or is there something I'm missing?

    Thanks for any help you veteran 3612 users can give!

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    You are correct. You should replace the 120v plug on supplied on the end of the cord with a 240v style plug.



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      Excellent! Thanks for the quick response and for confirming my suspicions. Now, it's off to buy that recepticle so I can finish up the wiring...


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        That'll be the NEMA 6-15 designation.
        Make yourself a 15Amp 14/2+Gnd x 20ft extension cord too.


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          Since I'm thinking about it, I mind as well ask if anybody knows of a good online or national retailer of NEMA 6-15 plugs and recepticles? Or, even better, a good place to get them in the Seattle area?


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            Home depot will handle them or go to Platt Electric. They are in Seattle and Renton for sure. But HD will be cheaper. I know the one i Issaquah has them.



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              Just thought I throw in my thoughts.
              My outlet is in the floor by the saw. I wanted a secure connection. I used a 30 amp twist lock plug. Little over kill, but it was all I could find in a locking plug. Male and Female ran about $25.
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