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Just used TS3612 for first time!

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  • Just used TS3612 for first time!

    Picked up my saw last thursday and finally completed the assembly today. My experience was the same as many other on this board. One clerk at HD was very helpful and one didn't want to be bothered. Never considered a ridgid saw but my wife gave me a gift certificate for HD as an xmas present. With that and a 10% discount for opening a credit card account made the 3612 look very good. The packaging of the saw was excellent. Someone spend alot of time figuring out how to pack this saw. I liked the way each sub-assembly was packaged in its own box with its own bag of screws. I made the same mistake with the Herc-u-lift as some others on this board but I found some old posts on how to fix the problem and it works just fine now. I also like the fact that most of the saw was made in the USA. Can't compare the saw to any other brand but from reading others experiences it seems like some other brands consider it normal to send out replacement parts on brand new saws to replace either defective parts or parts damaged in transit. Not even a scratch on this saw.

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    I haven't had any other table saw to compare the 3612 to either, but since getting mine last summer I have been able to see my way through projects that I never would have thought of in about 35 years of using a fine Craftsman radial arm saw. I'm looking forward to going down to the shop this morning and making a bit more progress on the difficult last 5% of a bathroom remodel - a glue-up of a panel of recycled old growth redwood which will then get mitered for an around-the-corner shelf, and then (finally) we can install towel racks.

    Saw safe and enjoy,
    Tony<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>