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  • Band Saw Blades

    Hi Folks,

    I have a 14" Ridgid Bandsaw (Model BS14002) which came with a 3/8" blade.
    I cannot find any reference to a smaller width blade which I need for cutting band saw boxes. The 3/8" blade doesn't allow for quick turns when following a curvy pattern outline. So I was looking for one maybe 3/16" wide but I don't know if there is such a thing for this saw. Also the online store specs the blade at 93.5", but when added to the shopping cart, it shows up as 92.5". Which length is correct?

    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: Band Saw Blades

    Stay away from ridgid bandsaw blade. You want timberwollf or R&D or similar. The correct length is 93.5"


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      Re: Band Saw Blades

      Woodcraft carries a good selection of Timberwolf blades. I use them on my BS14002 and have been very happy. I have their 1/2" resaw (3tpi) and their 1/8" for curves. They both perform very well. 93.5" is what you're going for.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.