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  • Poor Quality - Poor customer service

    I purchased a Ridgid cordless hammer drill at the HD 20% off sale before Christmas. I discovered that it had a defect resulting in a severe bit wobble. I checked several bits and re-checked the bits in my drill press. I returned the drill for a replacement. Much to my dismay the second drill was the same as the first. I again returned the second drill to HD and talked to the guy in the tool department and he convinced me that it would be very unlikely to get a third defective drill in a row so I took home a third Ridgid drill. I immediately checked it and the drill did in fact have the same defect as the first two.

    I returned the drill to HD (fourth trip) and wanted to exchange it for a different brand, after all three stikes and your out! The return clerk would not exchange it for a different brand with the 20% discount, I asked to see the manager and he would not see me face to face but only communicated through the clerk. He said they would not honor the discount for another brand.
    Thirty-nine days had expired since the first purchase.

    The Ridgid sales rep was present when I bought the first unit and had convinced me of the quality of the tool and the lifetime warranty was unsurpassed in the industry. Does this mean that you are guarnteed defective tools for a lifetime, or maybe that the tools are guaranteed to be defective for a lifetime, or that you are guarnteed to spend more money in gas for trips to HD for exchanges than you saved in the first place.

    My confidence is gone in HD and Ridgid.

    Good luck to all!
    Jim :

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    Call Home Depot hq in Atlanta and tell them your story. They should call your local store for you and try to solve your problem. There is a very good chance that they'll take the saw back but will not give you the 20% discount on a new one because it is no longer running. That was a very rare sale. First time I've ever seen anything like that and I've worked at HD for six years.


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      Return it without your receipt - you'll get store credit for the full amount! This way you can get 20% (or more if the other tool you buy is cheaper!) off your next purchase!

      In my experience HD has one of the best customer service - there are occasional hiccups, but their return policy is the best.



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        Jim----I looked at their corded hammer drill, on the same sale----the demo model wouldn't even work right---bought a Milwaulkee---

        I'd return it, however you think is fair and save up for what you want---don't know how true--but heard there might be another sale of some sort, at HD, this Feb.


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          If you will be beating the heck out of this hammer drill all day, buy a Hilti. For light use buy the Milwaukee 1/2" corded hammer drill.

          I have an older Hilti TE-17 (the current equivilant is a TE-25 I think) and also the Milwaukee. Hilti drills will run circles around any other hammer drill I have ever used in 27 years of consturction. That TE-17 is now 22 years old and still going, only had one repair in 22 years and that was to the chuck where I loaned it to a buddy who did not remember how to change bits even though I went over operation of the dill with him when he picked it up. The Hlti is fairly big (and about 18 pounds) and that is why I have the Milwaukee for lighter work and tight spots.

          Look at the TE-6 series for dedicated lighter duty hammer-drilling. If you want a 1/2" VSR drill with hammer ability look at the Milwaukee.

          You can find info on current Hilti equipment at;

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