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    First I want to congratulate you Jake for assembling an awesome team of sales reps and tech support. The forum members involved here are awesome. Two months ago when I joined this forum I didn’t consider the TS2424 as a possible option in my Table Saw search, in fact I was sold on the Grizzly 1023 cabinet saw.

    Now as you see from my signature below I am a tyro woodworker. I made the fatal (slight exaggeration) mistake of going the bargain tool route and have really struggled since. So I was going to make sure that the REPLACEMENT table saw would never be outgrown. However I monitor this forum almost daily and developed a serious lean to the Ridgid side (that’s not to imply the dark side).

    I love my TP1300 and am starting to envision a complete matched set of gray and red tools. OK, my testimony is going on tooooooooo long, now the questions.

    1) When I look at the specs for the TS2424, it states the extension wings are 12x27 however the picture shows the left extension to be larger than the right. So, what is the complete table size including the extensions.

    2) In my novice opinion, 24 inch capacity is a little short. The bathroom vanity I am currently struggling with has sides longer than that, so even with the TS2424 I would have to use my circular saw for some finish dimensioning. On other saws to achieve a greater right side cutting capacity, there are optional rails available (a cheaper option than having to buy a complete fence setup). What are the options with the TS2424? I have seen a post or two mentioning sliding the rails over to the right reducing the left capacity, which seems ok to me. Is this a “factory approved” modification? Any documentation on how to do it?

    3) What is the current released model TS2424-? If I do decide to come over to the Ridgid side I want to keep HD in check and get the latest and greatest.

    Thanks to all for participating in this forum. It is no doubt the best forum I have ever seen. Keep up the good work.

    Every project I start is a gamble.

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    I do not know if the fence rail modification is a Factory Authorized modification or not, Jake will have to answer that one. But if you eould like I have instructions and pictures of how to make the modification on my web site if you would like to take a look. The modification is easy to make, and really improves the functionality of the 2424
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      OK here you go:

      1) Both the left and right side extension are exactly the same. The overall table size is 44" x 27"

      2) We make a retro-fit fence kit made for Craftsman saw that has 36" of rip on the right. This kit will also fit on the TS2424, but you will have duplicate rails (with different scales) and a duplicate fence.

      3) The current model in the store is the TS2424LS.