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    Saw the new 2400 burnt orange folding TS at HD yesterday, right down the aisle from the BT3100. Don't have much space in my shop so a folding saw would help. Nevertheless, ignoring the $200 price difference, any recommendations? I know the 3100 can be put on wheels but not fold up. I don't hear much about the 2400. Is that because it takes a back seat to their other models, or is there something undesirable about this saw?
    Thanks for any help and guidance!

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    I am new to woodworking and have used neither saw, but faced with similar space restrictions I researeched benchtop TS quite abit. I actually bought the ts2400 and returned it because I decided that for $500 I could make room for a contractors style ts. However, I IMO the ts2400 is the best saw in it's class. The fit and finish is awesome and it's built super rugged. It has many features that others lack.Put it next to the Dewalt or some other brands and you will see the differences. The unit weighs over 120lbs. but the cart makes it easy to move around and very stable to use. But $500 is lot to pay when you could get a full size ts for the same price. From what I have read on various forums the BT3100 is a good saw with an aggresive follwing. It is also light enough to move around effectively. It does have some unique advantages and disadvantages though that you should be aware of before buying. Check out for info about the Ryobi and here is an old review of the ts2400:
    TS2400 review


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      I've never used the 2400, but it appears to be built as solid as a rock---simply, it's made to be moved around----even Ryobi doesn't recommend the 3100 for much moving around. While any portable or benchtop is a compromise over a contractors' saw, the 2400 is really solid and IMO, one of the best portable stands.


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        I have a bt3100 on a Ridgid stand and I think this is the best portable set up. I have not used the Ridgid. I have a ts3650(wired 220v) for home. No direct drive saw is as stable as a belt drive. I have used the DeWalt,Skil, and Delta. The bt is far superior to any saw in that footprint. I think the Bt is a great saw for portable use and has router ability.If you are not abusive,and keep it clean of saw dust you will love the saw. It is a belt(2) drive but it is not designed to be bounced in the back of a pickup and be dropped.It is a compromise for accuracy but I feel it is worth it. I can not justify the $500 price on the portables that are no where as smooth as the Ryobi. The rails move so the ability to rip can be changed. The $300 price is a bargain, if you can be kind to your tools.