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dadoing finger joints

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  • dadoing finger joints

    I'm gonna make some boxes for the six gillion "things" I have. I've hand cut dovetails. I've routed finger joints. I like the finger joints. I figure I can cut em quicker on the Table Saw (2424).
    The Freud 206 (6") dado head looks pretty good for the price.
    Will this little dado head cut finger joints on the 2424 in a single pass for 3/4 pine or fir? How bout oak or ash or birch?
    I'm planning on building the jig in the April 2001 issue of Fine Woodworking. Looks like the best jig I've seen to date. Shouldn't even need to buy a dado insert with this crosscut sled jig. Some people have stated their TS2424 came with a dado insert. Not mine. Buy the saw. Buy this accessory. Buy that accessory. Buy another one of these. Buy another one of those. S**t!! My last name is Patterson not Gotbucks.

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    My 2424s came with the 7" dado insert that you were describing...I have the Freud SD 206 (6") and it works great. I have cut oak, maple, pine and walnut with it. One advantage of a larger diameter dado is that it will cut deeper than the 6", but I haven't had any problems.

    Got mine on Amazone for $75. Good luck.



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      Rob: you won't be sorry if you buy the Freud dado. Excellent choice. And you are absolutely correct about having to purchase a gazillion accesories to make it work. Sure would be nice if the mfrs. understood this. I know , they need to make a living, but better than basic would make things a lot easier. That is one of the reasons I bought a ts2424. More bang for the buck. Dawg
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        Here are a couple of links that will show you a jig to make finger joints extremely accurately.

        1: this takes a long time to load... it's a movie.

        2: this has a link within.

        I understand you can purchase the jig, or plans are provided free.

        It looks extremely slick and alot of the guys on our forum swear by it (not at it)

        Provided in the spirit of goodwill from a member of that "cultist group" (the Ryobi tool forum)!

        (Kinda like "West Side Story" only no singing and dancing)


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          I recently saw those plans on the Ryobi forum and decided to build it (as in near future). It is really impressive to see the amount of work that was put into this effort just to share the information. Thanks for bringing it to this forum!

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          Is it true that you have to quarter saw a chicken on your BT3000 and write RYOBI RULES with the blood of a virgin toad frog across your head on a moonless night to join the cult? I'm wondering about all those chants your have to learn too.

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            Rob---as to a sled/platform on your box joint jig---take some measurements---with a 6" dado, some have complained about not getting enough depth when using 3/4" stock---just worth a double check before you build.

            However, I'm a little concerned about you not having a dado insert---that is just plain dangerous--sled or not. Make one buy one or beg one off of Rigid ("you guys never included this insert"). Get a cheaper dado set if you have to--just don't cut corners on required safety items.