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What Did You Get For Christmas

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    Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

    Sounds like most of you got some pretty neat stuff for the shop. My husband has already bought me pretty much all the large tools I need but since I'm finishing the interior of the house we are building, he got me a great Ryobi Combo kit. Might not sound like much but it will be great for the rough work I have left to do. I'm already lobbying for a band saw for next Christmas. ;-)



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      Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

      Originally posted by wwsmith View Post
      Asked for a Wii. Got a picture of a Wii. That was as close as anyone got.

      Originally posted by Drain Medic View Post
      I got my son that guitar hero for playstation2 for christmas...we've been jamming to Foghat all morning LOL...awesome
      nephew got that but he sounds awful

      Foghat rulz!!!


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        Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

        Garmin Nuvi 750


        Small water fountain
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          Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

          Ridgid bandsaw, Kreg bandsaw fence, PC dovetail jig, some new pajamas


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            Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

            This is my first xmas since I have gotten into woodworking and got some good stuff:

            block plane
            #4 plane
            branding iron and propane torch
            woodworking book

            Best of all - a band saw from my wife. Its a craftsman 10" bench top model and I may exchange it for thier 14" model. I wont need the extra capacity now but will eventually. Cant decide what to do...
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              Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

              Originally posted by mapdude View Post
              Ridgid bandsaw, Kreg bandsaw fence, PC dovetail jig, some new pajamas

              who did you upset??

              lol just kidding, merry christmas
              9/11/01, never forget.


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                Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                I had a Craftsman Christmas.
                My wife got me a 12" bandsaw
                My mom got me a LED trouble light and a better extension for my miterguage for my TDS

                Then I got some motorcycle parts, Best Buy gift cards, Unviersal green gift cards ($$) some shirts, a rinky dink little pocket screwdriver that runs on 3 AA batteries (give it to the kids for their video game batteries)

                Most of all I got a sore back. I spent last night sleeping on a concrete basement floor keeping my dogs quiet so they wouldnt wake my parents, who thankfully let us bring the dogs to their new house, under the condition that the dogs didnt go anywhere they have carpeting.

                And a good day with the family


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                  Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                  I received a 100' measuring tape, a craftsman laser lever & measuring "tape", some led flashlights and of course a couple of gift cards from HD...of course this doesn't include the dewalt cordless drills, Bosch router(to be mounted on my TS3650) and a few other goodies I bought for myself...
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                    Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                    Old Spice, socks, shirts, pj's, a cool Gum Ball machine, 2 - $50 HD gift cards and, DeWalt 18v, ½ cordless drill and 18v, 5 3/8 cordless saw. But the greatest of al of seeing my folks, kids, and grandkids!

                    Merry Christmas to All!



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                      Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                      Milwaukee 1/2" 18V Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill with case, case for my 1/2" Magnum drill, iPod nano that a family member found at work after the end of the school year. Beer coasters. Mmmmm beeeerrrrr....


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                        Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                        Christmas was excellent this year. Here was my loot:

                        -Jet 6-inch closed stand jointer.
                        -Two Ridgid work supports.
                        -Digital BBQ thermometer.
                        -Four woodworking books.
                        -Braun electric razor (that thing rocks).
                        -Enough gift cards so I can get my Ridgid benchtop sander in the morning.
                        -CDs, DVDs etc.

                        The wife and kids made out like bandits too. Best Christmas ever because we did it all with cash starting in October. Last year it took till Summer to pay for it, ouch.

                        Merry Christmas all,


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                          Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                          3" if snow, 30 mph wind, and container of mixed nuts, and for the snow, a possibility of 4" to 8" more tomorrow, (the snow and wind shut down the company travel wife had planed on 16 people for dinner, and we had, 6 total my daughter came the night before),

                          it was a very nice Christmas day,
                          Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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                            Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                            Husband got me a Lie-Nielsen router plane and a Worksharp 3000 (!!!!!) The Worksharp is AWESOME! I have some of the sharpest chisels this side of the Mississippi.
                            Got a Hitachi thin-kerf 40-tooth blade from Dad
                            Mom gave me $$$ for HD shopping
                            Mom and Dad gave both of us the B&D LED work light. That thing is BRIGHT!

                            I gave Mom her "whale" CD holder...she was pretty happy with it.
                            Gave sister a candle-holder made of solid barn Oak (100 yr old oak is HARD stuff) with maple inlay. She seemed pretty happy with it. Ended up having to make a box for it to wrap it. She even kept the silly box!
                            Gave the husband's what he wanted.

                            All together, it was a good Christmas. Got to spend time w/the parents and friends. Had dinner at my Sister's house with everyone. Conversation got onto hot water systems, and I tried to explain the "instant hot" water systems. I'm no plumber, and she's no engineer so I don't think she got it!

                            Merry Christmas to all. I hope New Year's finds everyone healthy and happy.
                            I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                              Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                              My wife tells me I'm hard to buy gifts for, because whenever I identify a need (or a "want") I usually get it myself... That has led to a banner year of woodworking gear.

                              Anyway, we had a modest Christmas. My wife got me a 10" Santoku chef's knife. Despite my restauranteering background, this knife actually scares me. It falls into the "scary sharp" category, but I love it! Made short work of our rib roast. :-)

                              My father-in-law surprised me with a Rockler shop stool, which was great. I've been wanting that for a while, but since I had a stool (cheapo jobbie from Shopko) I hadn't pulled the trigger. I also got some tool related ornaments, to commemorate the renovation of our current house. Lessee... a gift card to Woodcraft and some random clothes rounded out the loot.

                              FOR Christmas, however, I had a plethora of woodworking items. I made a dresser valet for my step-dad (from oak) and another for my father-in-law (black walnut). I was proud of how these turned out and they were pleased to get some "junk organizers". I made a variety of pens for all of my family members. Each on got a style and wood suited to their profession and personality. And, I finally made myself pens. A matched pair of "Atlas" style, with African Blackwood.

                              Happy Holidays to you all!


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                                Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                                Got an electronic wine bottle chiller, after shave & a bath robe. Put on the after shave & robe, chilled a bottle of wine and shared it with my lady. Then came the the good present!!