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What Did You Get For Christmas

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    Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

    Wife and I flew back to Massachusetts.

    We both got to spend time with our two daughters and sons-in-law and five grandchildren.

    The day before Christmas we all gathered at one daughters to cook Italian sausage and make meatballs and sauce for the traditional Lasagna. Christmas morning, we "assembled" a large, family size lasagna. While it cooked we spent time with all the "kids".

    Day after Christmas we took the two teen grand daughters to the mall so that they could use their gift cards. We then did lunch with them.

    On Thursday we took the remaining (smaller) grandchildren to lunch.

    What more could a grandparent want?


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      Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

      Lots of .22,9mm,.40,and 45 ammo - before the prices go up!


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        Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

        We had a nice Christmas this year,

        I got:
        1. 4 days of hunting out of town with my brother
        2. Video Camera that I dont need
        3. Cologne & After Shave
        4. Some gift cards that the wife knows I will just give to her because I dont shop
        5. A nice gift card to Bass Pro Shops
        6. Kreg pocket hole jig master kit
        7. New Rifle I had been wanting but did not need
        8. Preliminary set of house plans
        9. A few other things that I really cant remember right now.


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          Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

          Since I generally get a lump of coal from Santa I just shopped for myself and my birthday a month early

          New smoke pole kit... Finished it just in time for Christmas and had enough time left over to make some nice gifts for my parents.

          I somehow managed to avoid the credit card this Christmas... Checking account isn't looking so well this month though....


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            Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

            I got nothing woodworking-related at all unless you count the annual re-subscription to Fine Woodworking. I really can't think of anything else I need or would use regularly. Sad, isn't it?


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              Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

              Nice looking muzzle-loader, Rootsy! What caliber is that?
              I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                50 Caliber...


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                  Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                  I got an 03 Dodge Ram 4 door and a Makita 18 volt drill, the black and white one.


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                    Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                    I got $400.00 in Home Depot gift cards. Today I traded them (and a little extra cash) for a TS3650. I've been eyeing this table saw for months and it is the comments on these forums that made me decide to buy it.

                    By the way, this is my first post on these forums so I want to say "Hi" to everyone here - you seem like a great bunch of people.
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                      Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                      For me the real gift was getting to spend Christmas at home with my wife and son. Being extremely new to woodworking (got my first table saw, TS3650, about 8 months ago), I foolishly attempted to make my (nearly) 2 year-old son his first rocking horse for Christmas. After MANY late nights, I didn't quite finish in time, as seen in the "unfinished" image below.

                      My amateur status is painfully obvious in the second, "finished" image. While I'm not too happy with the end-result, I did learn a LOT from the project. Primarily:
                      1. Don't mix woods, unless you know what you're doing, because their "stain-ability" varies far more than ideal, (this project includes pine, hemlock, poplar & maple).
                      2. Don't try staining poplar, at least not with "Early American" finish...
                      3. Be far more careful when gluing the project together. I've subsequently read and learned a lot from this forum about how to minimize and deal with glue residue.
                      Fortunately, 2 year-olds are extremely forgiving, so my son loves his new companion in spite of its flaws.
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                        Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                        Looks awesome to me, but what the hell do I know?

                        Not a lot, but I know what I like, and I like that rocking horse.
                        I'm on "The List" and I love it!!


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                          Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                          I got a 08 ford ranger couse my tranny blew up in my grand prix.