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  • What Did You Get For Christmas

    Just thought I would start a fun forum and find out what new sawdust makers we all got. I got a R 4330 Ridgid Planer and a Osborne EB3 For my TS 3650 among lots of other smaller sawdust tools. Cannot wait to get into the shop to try them out. Merry Christmas to all.
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    Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

    I got an xbox360 for Christmas

    I totally didn't expect it cause its a toy. and Helen said she wasn't going to get it for me but she ended up caving into the Christmas spirit.

    Got Call of Duty 4 for it. Great game.



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      Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

      I got a hum dinger of a COLD!
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        Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

        Been planning on doing some Crown Molding & my boys got me Bench Dog's new polymer Crown Molding jig.

        The orange in it color matches my RIDGID stuff


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          Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

          higher credit card debt


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            Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

            Santa knows me well,

            He knows cologne and jewelry are dust collectors for me.

            Pack of Milwakee 9" Ice edge Torch sawzall blades in my stocking.

            Socks and sawzall blades............................................ ........................Perfect Christmas


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              Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

              Originally posted by Josh View Post
              I got an xbox360 for Christmas
              Quote from Mrs. Josh:

              "But sorry, he's not getting an XBox. That would just be silly.
              Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!"

              The Spirit of Christmas can be magical!
              You must have been a good boy this year
              I suggested the Nintendo Wii

              fluzzy warm slippers
              ergonomic office chair (missing parts and instructions)
              more clothes
              Mio GPS 230 for her (thanks for the idea, Zeljka)
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                Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                i got a new laptop and a new vista updated invoice program.

                problem is the the program needs to be registered and it won't accept the key code registration # on the disc

                i need help

                off to 2 parties and the second one has a computer geek at it

                phoebe it is


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                  Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                  My family won't even try, not even my wife.
                  I got gift cards, and like Evil Gopher, credit card debt.


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                    Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                    I got an empty 20gallon grease barrel.

                    (will be used for cyclone/dust collection.)


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                      Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                      Oh Man I had an AWESOME Christmas. I got Michael Korda's biography of Eisenhower (my favorite present), a subscription to Wood Mag and a Carter Rigid 14" conversion kit for my BS1400 (sweet!).

                      Also, I bought myself the plans and lumber for rnt80's tablesaw soon as I finish the crown for my wife in the bedroom I can finish.

                      God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!

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                        Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                        Still haven't had christmas here yet, eating first then afterwards will be the time.

                        I got my sister and her hubby gift certificates to a steakhouse

                        Got my dad a $100 gift certificate to Home Depot

                        In a sort of strange type of gift, I'm giving my 3 nieces and 1 nephew those coupon books I gave to my customers, I'm going to let them pick out 4 different items off the book to do.

                        Here's what it can involve:

                        Rock Climbing < indoor
                        Office Depot < pens and paper, anything else
                        Restaurants < free food
                        Laser Tag
                        Pet shop for free toys

                        I'll make a day out of it, spend time with the little wee ones until they **** me off and then I'll take them back to the parents. They're good kids but heathens when they are all together. But they say they are 's....?

                        Me, got myself a hundred dollar pair of canoes off (Size 17)
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                          Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                          I got an Incra 5000 miter/sled and an Incra LS Super System for a router table and a Freud SD508 Super Dado set. Good coaching to the better half and good deals from made this possible. By the way does anybody make a miter table top for the big LS Super System other than Woodpecker?


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                            Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                            Some kind of Harry Potter coffee mug
                            3 hours of time in the shop all to myself today.

                            Asked for a Wii. Got a picture of a Wii. That was as close as anyone got.

                            Bought myself a new Biscuit Jointer which arrived last Friday. Hope to give it a test run this week.

                            And finally my pager hasn't gone off once today so I haven't been on my computer until now to relax after making dinner!
                            Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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                              Re: What Did You Get For Christmas

                              HD gift card
                              Dewalt Sawzall 18v
                              Carhartt Jacket
                              Business Sweatshirts
                              work pants
                              some other gift cards and clothes
                              a massage chair...sweet

                              I got my son that guitar hero for playstation2 for christmas...we've been jamming to Foghat all morning LOL...awesome
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