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  • Table Saw (TS 3650)

    I'm looking at purchasing my first table saw. The Rigid TS 3650 is the one I'm most considering. Does anyone have any concerns with this particular saw or recommend other manufacturer's or models over it. I would like to get a good starter table saw as well as carry into the future.

    Any comment are greatly appreciated.

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    Do a search for 3650 and you will see it all! The good, the bad and the ugly.
    Personally I own one, I use it, I like it, and I recommend it.
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      I'm a believer in doing alot of research and comparing all the tools in a given price range, then making an informed choice. Bridgewood, Delta, General International, Ridgid, Jet, and Grizzly all have models in the same basic price range and all should be included in your search. Determine what features are most important to you, then make the choice that best suits your needs. I'd also recommend taking a good look at the more expensive saws to get a reference of good quality, then apply what you learn.


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        I second what Hewood wrote, he just beat me to the punch. Go look at other saws in person. Read amazon reviews, do searches on this saw and make up your mind.

        I took 4 months of playing around with tablesaws and using a friend's in my basement to decide what I wanted / liked / needed. Visiting woodcraft was the cincher for me what I wanted. They had all brands I was looking at set up side by side with the exception of ridgid. Ended up buying non ridgid.