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Band saw help?

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  • Band saw help?

    I recently bought 300mm 96TF Stehle band saw blades with 120mm RSK scoring saws, 3-0-1 quality, for my machine.I used to work with Stark,Felix,Freud and usually from the beginning I was cutting between 20 and 25 panel blocks(regular cuts) before I was doing the first sharpening.Now, with these Stehle blades I did only 10 panels,and I don't know why?Can you tell me (because here in my country Macedonia-Europe)Stehle is a lot more popular then the other brands that I've mentioned,how good these saw blades are for panel sizing,and in which rank can be classified?Also tell me how can I know which grinding wheel to use for sharpening cutter, when I don't know exactly from which material is made? When to use Diamant,or when Borazon wheel, or for bench wheel: when to use AlOx, or carbide, and what can I use for HSS or for semi-hard metals?Thanks.

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    Re: Band saw help?

    wish I could help you but your asking questions above me,

    have you tried calling or writing the manufactures of the products your using and seeing what there recommendations are, there are normally many grades of blades and types of materials also the blade shape and hook and rake and set, can have differences on how they cut and last, besides the steel and the construction of the blade.

    Also ask about sharpening and or types of abrasives are recommended.

    contact the abrasive manufactures and I am sure they can or have materials on what abrasives are recommended on various types of materials to be cut and sharpened, I would think that between the two sources, one may be able to get some good information and guidance on what you need to do and to get the maximum performance from your blades and your processes,
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      Re: Band saw help?

      Diamond or diamond type wheels are used to sharpen carbide tooth blades, Borzon is used to sharpen hardened steel teeth(and also high carbon steel too), Aluminum Oxide (Alox) will sharpen all types of steel teeth (not carbide). Borzon is expensive but lasts really well for sharpening, Alox needs redressing a lot while sharpening, but is a lot cheaper to buy. So unless it's carbide, it's your choice, I use the Borzon wheels, because the hold their shape longer and out last Alox.

      Sounds like you bought some high carbon steel blades, and the ones before sound like they were bi-metal blades(plain carbon back with HSS teeth), Bi-metals will out last high carbon about 2 to 1.

      Hopes this helps, as I have been using band saw blades daily for over 20 years.


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        Re: Band saw help?

        Dear Spintyer,my mistake, I wrote Stehle band saw blades instead of circular saws, I don't know are there different types of saws for panel sizing in Stehle program,and I'm not using it the right ones, or just the quality of these saws are under the quality of the other brands(Freud, Leuco,Leitz ect.)Thanks.