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    Hi Everyone,
    I've been reading here for sometime but this is my first post.
    I've been doing woodwork for a couple of years and I am definitely getting a ts3612. My Grandpas 1954 Craftsman saw is getting replaced.
    It's been a good saw but I need more space.
    My question is about a jointer vs. a planer? I would like to buy them both (Ridgid of course) but I don't think I can afford them. My plan is to build furniture for my house i.e. dresser, bed headboard, etc. if I'm lucky maybe my family likes it and I can do enough to have a extra income.
    My feeling is a jointer would be better because of the drawer building. Does anyone have any comments or opinions.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Yes you will need a jointer for funiture building. But also remember that you will need diff. thicknesses of wood for furniture and they are not readily available. Something to consider is the HD near me has a couple of factory refurbished planers for $179. I am sure they would be OK because they were refur. by Ridgid and they are about $200 less than new. I have a planer and am hoping they come up with a refurbished jointer that I need. Check out all the HD in your area, they do not advertise them you have to go and find them. Good Luck, Dan
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      i bought the jointer right after i bought my table saw and i use the hell out of it....but there are times i wish i had the planer. i would bet that had i bought the planer, i would use it but wish i had the jopinter at times. if it was between one or the other, i would go with the jointer. however there are some new options such as the forrest WW2 or the Freud Glue Line rip blade that claim to be able to cut smooth as a jointed board. that might be an option. i will assure you that i will be adding the planer to my shop at some point, but for now, its the old sander to work!


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        I've been doing woodworking for several years now. I didn't have a jointer until a few mounths ago and made several dressers . I haven't had to much trouble making them . I have had a plainer for several years now and wouldn't concider working with out it. But now i have the jointer and love it.


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          I have both, and strongly recommend planer first. What a jointer does well, I can tell you how to duplicate relatively easily with other standard tools and a jig or two. What a planer does well, there isn't much replacement for.