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Storing TS3650 accessories...suggestions?

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  • Storing TS3650 accessories...suggestions?

    Anybody have some good ideas for storing all the accessories typically used with this saw? Like, on the saw stand somehow?

    The things I reach for a lot are push sticks, featherboards, throat plates, wrenches, a screwdriver. Also have 2 miter gauges, one of which resides on a pair of brackets that came with the stand. Some pockets to hold small stuff like T-bolts that fit the extrusions, pencils, micro-splitters, etc.

    Any ready made stuff out there or diy suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Storing TS3650 accessories...suggestions?

    I found a good deal at Sears a couple years ago. It was for some storage racks for one of their table saws. They are black vinyl coated wire and were on closeout for $9.99 Couldn't pass them up for that price. You could make something similar very easily from some wire closet shelving material which is all these were made from.

    Go here and look at the second and fourth photos. You'll see one of the racks mounted under the table on the left side of my 3650.

    The other one I mounted on my RAS which you can see if you look through the remainder of the photos.

    A couple easy bends and you will have some nice storage space.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.
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      Re: Storing TS3650 accessories...suggestions?

      I bought some cheap metal shelves at WalMart that fits under the left wing.
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