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Jointer warped fence table adjustment

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  • Jointer warped fence table adjustment

    I have a Ridgid 6” jointer, about three years old. It is in bad need of new blades. That is normal. I started checking all alignments. I knew I had some problems. Got out my straight edge, checked against a glass top table. Pretty accurate. My engineering square. This is what I found. The fence is cupped and twisted, about .02 to .03. That is a tad less than 1/32". The outfeed table is flat and can be aligned with the blades. The infeed table drops off at the front of the table about .02 or .03, but is flat and coplanar to the outfeed table at the knives.

    So I can continue replacing the blades and replace the fence. However I don’t know of anything that can be done to fix the infeed table. There may be a fix I just don’t know what it is short of replacing. So my choices are upgrade to a good 8” jointer or repair this one. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. BTW. I already have a good set of instructions on how to set the knives.

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    Re: Jointer warped fence table adjustment

    I'd check with customer service first for a factory replacement. Cast iron should not be warped.


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      Re: Jointer warped fence table adjustment

      Lay 2 2x4s on the flat side apart on the floor. Put your fence with the sag upward between them with each end of the fence on a 2x4.
      Stand on the fence (carefully because cast iron it softer than steel).
      Test for straitness.
      Repeat until perfect.

      It sound weird but it works.


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        Re: Jointer warped fence table adjustment

        Do some google searching on "shimming jointer tables" to find how to get them coplanar to each other along their full length.
        Here's one link to read...there's plenty more.

        Don't know how to untwist the fence, though.