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TS3650 compared to Craftsman Sears item #00924830000

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  • TS3650 compared to Craftsman Sears item #00924830000

    Has anyone looked at the Craftsman model listed in the subject line? See the following internet link

    I am leaning towards the TS3650, but still haven't put the $ down. The Craftsman includes a router wing attachment. Any thoughts. Great list by the way.

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    It looks to me like it has stamps wings, the other one they have looks alot like the 3612.
    I will stick with my 3650.


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      I have the TS3650, before I had several Craftsman products, Craftsman is just not what it used to be. Go with the TS3650.


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        You are correct It has stamped wings. The router wing is cast though. As a newbie to owning my own saw within the next week, I don't know why cast wings are better? Is it alignment, stability, or something else?


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          Plank - The solid cast iron wings have a few advantages:
          - They're heavier than stamped steel which adds vibration-dampening mass.
          - They're much stronger than the stamped steel, so are less likely to be damaged from a mishap.
          - The polished CI surface offers less friction so materials slide better
          - Assuming they're flat, they offer a nice large flat reference table for checking wood flatness, furniture leg flatness, etc.

          If you can get the 3650 at a good price, it's probably the better saw between these two IMO. You can make a router table pretty easily yourself....probably of better quality than the one on the Craftsman.

          Before you put down any money, be sure to check out all the saws in this price range (Delta, Jet, Grizzly, General, Bridgewood). Compare quality, features, price, etc., then make an educated decision about which will best suit your needs.