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R2720 Disappointment

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  • R2720 Disappointment

    Hi, all. I just bought a R2720 belt sander package with a 2500 palm sander from HD. Thanks to forum members, I figured out how to use a HF coupon at one of my local HDs, for a 20% discount on this already good package.

    However, I'm now disappointed. The 2500, which is sitting on shelves, clearly has a hookup for a wet/dry vac (and I own a nice Ridgid 12 gal). The 2720 didn't specify, and it wasn't on the shelves to look at, but upon opening the box, it looked clear to me that a 1 1/4" adapter could fit on the port. No such luck.

    Now, communicating with Ridgid support, there's evidently not even an adapter they sell for vac hookup. I suggested this was a design flaw, and they rebuffed me. They don't even seem interested in specifying anything on the box or in the instructions about a lack of vac adaptability.

    All in all, the sander's okay, but I'm ready to return this and go for a Bosch, which sells a shared adapter for all of their nice sanders. I'm really disappointed with Ridgid support, and it seems particularly odd considering they market their own vacs.

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    sounds like you got a good deal for the bonus pack -- 2 sanders minus 20%. Somewhere around $140?

    Is your real beef with the tool or with customer service? If you like the tool, keep it. Returning the stuff won't teach them any lessons.

    I hate hooking a vac up to my sanders b/c it's awkward and I have less control of the tool. I think the dust bags are sufficient and I wear a mask for the leftovers.

    Plus, I like to get a little dirty when I'm working.


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      Rockler sells sells an adapter that might work. ]Here's a link[/URL]


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        Porter Cable sells an adapter kit for their sanders which might work. There is a stepdown to the tool, a small hose and another stepdown (up up in this case) where you can attatch you vac. I have actually hooked mine into my 4 inch dust collector piping. Takes a few adapters and a little duct tape for security but works great.
        Porter Cable Dust Kit at

        Hope this helps.
        - Tim


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          Thanks for the tips (although the tip that I shouldn't use a vac because it's awkward doesn't really help - I know it's awkward, but it's great to have no dust...really). I was looking at a Bosch that has not only a vac hookup but also an optional fence and bench clamp assembly. I probably wouldn't have found this out if I hadn't been unhappy about the vac situation. I'm currently sanding a floor, and I was just using duct tape to keep an adaptor attached to the sander. It worked well, but kept falling off. Then, yes, I was unhappy with Ridgid tech's response, and still am. The least they could've said is "Yes, you're right, that's a bad design choice." HD doesn't even have these things out to look at, so that's a little annoying, too. What's even odder is that the packaged R2500 palm sander is fully vac adaptable, and the hookup's integral to the bag attachment.

          I could probably rig my own attachment, but I may yet go for the Bosch and return this thing. It won't teach Ridgid a lesson, but maybe their sales will stink and they'll go back to the drawing board. I will say that in other respects, this seems like a decent sander - at least for build quality.


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            Re: R2720 Disappointment

            This thread is probably dead and buried, but I found this link where the user "hacked" his own dust collection into the R2720:


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              Re: R2720 Disappointment

              I'm going to resurrect this thread one more time for a price drop. Just picked this unit up for $95.08 + tax at the HD in Kingsport, TN. I can understand giving meh reviews if I'd paid full price for this, but at just over $100 out the door for this unit I will live with lackluster dust collection.