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TS3650 footprint?

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  • TS3650 footprint?

    I need to know the footprint for the TS3650 asap. Non of the 3 HD's near me have one setup. I have a garage shop that is shared with LOML car so place is limited.

    Hope to purchase this saw this weekend.

    Thanks [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    The footprint is not what you're after, it's the overall size of the tabletop!

    You'll need to allow around 66" x 46" for a TS3612/3650 spot, depends on you're rail positioning!


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      Haven't seen the 3650 set up yet, but my 3612 fits into a 2 car garage with two cars. It's home is in the back left corner, facing the wall with the motor sticking out. In that position, the motor is close enough to the back wall that the car doesn't hit it. And the saw horses, shop vac, and other things fit under the wing.

      I don't know if it is a record, but the garage holds (in addition to 2 cars and a ton of wood) a small lathe, a bench-top sander, a large drum sander, a 12 inch planer, a 6 inch jointer, a 10 inch RAS, a 14 inch bandsaw, a 3612 table saw, a drill press, a compressor, a vacuum, and a 2 hp dust collector, plus all the hand tools and clamps. Of course the cars (or at least one of them) have to stay outside while projects are under way, which is more and more of the time.


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        I think the depth of the 3650 is relaly closer to 44 inches with the fence in place. Measuring from the front of the fence to the back of the motor. I fyou take the fence off then the distance is close to 39 inches measured from the front of front rail to back of the motor. I think this is smaller than the 3612. Am I right?
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          On the 3612, from the front of the rail to the back of the motor seems to be about 42 inches. So that has to go in the corner. Most of the table is about 31 inches, which goes beside the car. (One car is backed in, so the car doors only open in the center of the garage)