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TS3612 miter gauge mod??

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  • TS3612 miter gauge mod??

    I just got and assembled my TS3612 table saw and noticed that the miter gauge is a little heftier than I expected from a stock gauge.

    My question is has anyone tried to put an extruded fence on the stock miter gauge to improve the accuracy and repeatability of cross cuts? I have seen similar modification kits online and was considering a short Incra fence or similar T-slot extrusion held on by bolts.

    If anyone has tried this or has insight into this, is it worth it or should I just save my money for a while to get an expensive aftermarket miter gauge like I originally planned?

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    I haven't used an extruded fence, but I did add a hardwood fence extension, which was about 18" long x 4" tall I think. It was inexpensive and a big help before I built my crosscutting sled. Personally, I would rather have a good sled than spend the money on a fancy miter gauge - particularly since most of my cuts don't require odd angles.

    You may want to try using a wood extension first, and if that works well then drop the money for an extruded one if you feel you need more accuracy.


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      Like Stuart H, I've been using 2 different aux fences attached to the gauge, after determining that it's a pretty good stock item compared with most others that come with TS's. Both give zero clearance, one for crosscutting and the second for a dado set. The fences are approx 25" x 4" and they've worked well for the past 3-4 months.

      Since the gauge seems accuate enough for my present purposes, haven't gone down the Incra route yet. Their 1000SE on offer at $125 from Woodpeckers looks tempting though

      Again following Stuart, I'll be building a sled during the next few weeks as my next step. The Incra while it's probably more accurate, still has the limitations of a gauge versus the benefits of a sled.


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        A sled is a "necessity" for cross cutting panels, especially when you only have one straight reference side, but is trivial to build.

        But for regular cross cuts, it is real easy to add a fence to the miter gauge. A scrap of 3/4 inch plywood, as long as I want to cope with (about 2 feet) works for me. As noted in the other posts, it can extend across the blade and becomes a zero clearance fence.

        One trick - with an extension, it is easier to knock the adjustment off because of the leverage. So I pull the miter gauge (with or without the aux fence) to the edge of the table to verify square each time I use it.